There is a new, sustainability-oriented and local market at Taylor Square each week. It is be open to the public from 8 am to 1pm each Saturday Morning. This market is unlike all the others ‘mushrooming’ around Sydney in that the organisers’ major aim to to attract local organic and chem. free farmers. At other markets the organisers usually find they cannot get local farmers  to  attend especially the organic farmers so in order to fill their vacant stalls they bring in on sellers.

As soon as on sellers come on to a market site they make it impossible for a genuine farmers to compete. All we ask for is a level playing field

Worse still, around Sydney, some ‘farmers’ are the worst offenders. Rather than stick to what they and their immediate neighbours grow, they ‘top up’ from Flemington market. Always beware of stalls that have everything with the claim that it is all grown locally, ask and give the stallholder a hard time.

The Sydney Sustainable markets at Taylor square is seeking to remedy this issue. sourcing only genuine farmers and genuine producers. If you care about these issues come and support this new market.

We will still be at Eveleigh so you can come there too but there are already examples of people bending the rules at Evo which is eventually going to hurt their aims of authenticity.