We get lots of questions about our Kale each week at Eveleigh Farmers’ Market. Cavalo Nero which literally translates as “black cabbage” from Italian, has many other names including: Tuscan Kale, Lacinato or Lacinto Kale, and my favourite, Dinosaur Kale (common name in America).

Michael Champion's locally grown, organic, Cavalo Nero

As you can imagine, with so many names its hard to write a label that pleases everyone!

Maggie Beer, from the TV show “The Cook and the Chef”, is a huge fan of Cavalo Nero:

“Cavalo Nero will always be at the top of my list – with its strong nutty flavour and my memories of finding it growing beneath the warmth of the Tuscan sun.”

According to Maggie, Cavalo Nero is an essential ingredient for Minestrone soup, so if the last of the cold winter’s days strikes this could be just the ingredient you need! And here is another classic recipe of hers.

Not only does it have a great flavour, but according to Peter Cundall of Gardening Australia kale is what’s responsible for keeping him so fit and healthy at a ripe old age of 80!

Kale is proven to be high in antioxidants, as well a lots of other essential vitamins and minerals. If you check out these stats I think you will be convinced this is truly a “super food”. Just look at those vitamin A, C and K counts!

Anyway, Michael Champion will have his own, locally grown, organic Cavalo Nero at Eveleigh markets tomorrow, but it sometimes sells out quickly, so be early!

It is only in season for a few more weeks, and then it won’t be seen again ‘till next Autumn, so if you haven’t tried it yet, this could be your last chance to eat local.

“Get in quick!!” says Michael 🙂