Anthony Wallis from famous Colo River farm has always supplied Champion’s Mountain Organics with his oranges.

Right now we are getting a good supplying of perfect Navels.

Anthony’s oranges have been left on the tree up to a month longer than the oranges you will find in major stores. The longer oranges are left on the tree the sweeter they become, and boy are they sweet!

Our orange juice is so bloody good right now we managed to drink about 12 bottles ourselves on the stall! (Oh dear, talk about stealing from yourself)IMG_2339

The flavour at this time of year is incredibly sweet, but still with a good zing (in contrast to our blood oranges which, this time of year, are deliciously tart!).

Colo River oranges are available at our Eveleigh Market stall in bags of 1Kg and 2Kg, or if its the juice you are after buy a bottle freshly squeezed. Please. Before we drink them all and die of some sort of Vitamin C overdose. 😉