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Hello Everyone

Best time for local Mangrove Mountain citrus. Make the most of it at its glorious best! Focus on citrus this week.

DSC_0759                                            DSC_0758

The range includes Navel oranges, Silver Hill mandarins, clementine mandarins, Meyer lemons, Eureka lemons, pink and white grapefruit, red CaraCara navels, lemonade fruit and limes.


The photos don’t really do them justice as they are ready in the dark coolroom to go to market at 4.30 am tomorrow morning!  Carriage Works or Taylor Square markets Saturday morning early.

Sevilles and blood oranges are only about 4 weeks away providing the weather stays reasonable. So get your marmalade gear out those of you who make wonderful marmalade!

Of course all the luscious leafy and nutritious greens are just as available as last week. Keeping yourself rich in green leaves in the winter is just as important as in the summer.

DSC_0763                                              DSC_0764DSC_0765DSC_0766

Buy your Pine and Slippery Jacks mushrooms from Taylor Square. Gently butter-fried on toast or by themselves or with scrambled eggs for breakfast anyone?

Have a great week, stay well.


Misty, moisty mornings up here on the plateau!

The mist and damp in the mornings has been good for the leafy greens, but the snails  love it too! They have wiped out a long row of bok choi! However there is enough for both markets.

20170615_083404[1]    20170615_083548[1]   

Make sure you don’t miss out on all the luscious greens and vegetables this Saturday at Carriage Works and Taylor Square markets.

Broccolini from our neighbour, Eden, will be on special. It’s the first pick and will be yummy! Really good for your health in the winter too.

The usual rocket, spinach and salads are in abundance as well as kale which is from a good new row.

20170615_085136[1]    20170615_084149[1]

There’s lots of citrus: Meyer lemons, mandarins, Cara Cara red navels, limes,pink grapefruit, clementine mandarins and lemonade fruit.

The pumpkins are a beautiful colour and top quality. great winter vegetables!

Have a happy and healthy week,


A touch of Frost

Hi everyone,

I always like when we get the first frost as it means the cabbage whte caterpilars and other chewing insects pack up for the winter, some aphids are tougher and they go and hibernate in the kale but all in all the insects leave the plants to grow slowly but steadily.


The frost doesn’t damage the greens as long as we wait for the sun to do its magic and melt the ice from the leaves … then we can go to work picking for market. We have to start a bit later so everyone gets a bit more sleep time as well.


Everything is looking good so we’ll have rocket and spinach, fresh salad leaves (you can still eat salad in winter) lots of winter citrus… mandarins, navels, pink grapfruit, clementines, lemons.

The bok choi is the best we have grown for a while, so good for your warming stirfies.20170523_084741

Have a safe and healthy week … hoping to see you at Taylor Square or Carriagworks this Saturday.



Turning the ship around

Continuing the water analogy but changeing the metaphor we continue to show the turnaround in the farm’s fortunes over the past few weeks. And it has only been a few weeks,  as I looked at the rain records and realised that it only stopped raining in the first week of April and here we are in the 3rd week of May so that’s only 6 weeks (not conuting the 2nd week of April as the ground was too wet from all the rain).

Like a huge ocean liner it just takes time to turn around … nothing is instant in growing veggies.

So to get to this stage after 6 weeks shows the fertility of the farm and is due to the hard work of our workers, Claire, Steve and especially Josh.


Here we are picking for the Saturday markets….. very cool and crisp but the sunshine is dazzling


Lots of leafy greens and the ever sweetening, new season citrus.

Meyers lemons, navel oranges, silverhill madndarins, grapefruit, limes and still plenty of pumpkin for those cool weather soups.


Hope to see you at the markets as the weather will be great over the weekend too



Coming up for air


HI everyone,

sorry to have been a non-blogger for the past month or so but there has not been much to report as we rebuilt the farm after the devastating heat of summer and the torrential rain for all of March. But we are back on track with all the greens looking good and tasting fantastic!

It just takes monthsand months to make it all right again but we will get there

The end of Autumn also brings us the silverhill seedless Mandarins  and the early Navels they are getting sweeter every week



As you can see all looking good and we’ll even have a the first few bunches of Cimi di Rapa for the early afficionados.

Hope to see you at Carriageworks or Taylor Square on Saturday … we’ll be there,  even if its wet so come and support your local organic farmer



Finally some sunshine

HI all,

nothing new to report on produce. All the leafy greens very slow as we had more rain (surprise) and even without rain it was overcast. Today (Thursday 6th) saw a dry day at last but like RocKhampton (floooding depsite no rain) all the runoff from our 25 acres of rocky ridge continues to saturate the soil and erode the tracks. 20150422_103042

Here’s the house dam full to overflowing with Boris inspecting the run off (still flowing after  a dry day. This “creek” is dry 99% of the year.


And here just some of the track erosion.

BUT we will be at the markets on Saturday with a reasonable range and its full-on Persimmon season, so if you love these fruit which the ancient Greeks titled “food of the gods” then get your selves down and have a sticky, juicy, deliciously glorious time.




all the best


Can it please stop raining

Hi everyone,

not much to report except that we have been belted by more rain as the tail of cyclone Debbie reeks havoc.

Nothing washed away as I have put in place erosion mitigation measures which i leared to do after the 2007 storms (remember the Pasha Bulka washed up on Newcastle beach).

All this rain doesn’t do the greens any good so it basics for them this week … be early if you want stuff.

BUT on the positive side all the fruiting veg is good and that includes pumpkins and beans (snake and purple)

The feijoas are still there with the normal gauvas and persimmons. we found some hidden eggplant in the weeds and they look good and my neighbour Bill has some great Leb cucumbers and red capsicum from his poly tunnel. So its worth a visit to the markets and they say the rain will clear by Saturday;  so keep us in business by getting some nice healthy food and bring your friends too!



Water water everywhere

Hi everyone,

well after what seemed to be the longest and cetainly was the hottest summer on record the weather did what it is typical of Australia, dropped over 200mm of rain in a week. And then more this week. Far too much     makes life difficult to say the least.

But we are doing well and there was nothing too intense… we lost a day’s work as the things we wanted to do would have ruined the soil stucture but we are back on track and ready to plant new rows.

The purple king beans and snake beans are coming good and the rocket has survived. The lettuce and salads are slowly recovering from the heat so we’ll have our usual range  at both Taylor Sq. and Carriageworks this Saturday.

20170310_075841[1]   20170310_075331[1]  The orange pumpkins are Aussie Butter a beautiful colour and taste. we also have great butternut and jap pumpkin.20150129_125016[1]      

DSC_0031[1]Nancy and the purple kings!  (sounds like a pop group)

Despite the wet, wet, wet, we’d love to see you at Taylor Sq and/or Carraigeworks … these wet days are the ones where you can really support your local farmers.

all the best


Quite a bit of rain!

Hello Everyone

Much cooler and rain too! Great. We are lucky. No damage from the rain either. Had to send the workers home one day, too wet and the ground so wet the light tractor we use would slip on the soil when preparing the seed beds! (Light tractors do not compact the soil so much.)

Lots of great lush green lettuce,  mustard, purple beans, apple cucumbers, bok choi, etc. for sale. Get there early to get the best selection.

DSC_0023           DSC_0031           DSC_0032




Luscious figs from Barry and also Jean!

This week Michael & Nicci will see you at Carriage Works Market on Saturday morning. There will be no stall at  Taylor Square.

Have a healthy week


The spray & the shed roof!

Hello Everyone

I forgot to get Michael to have a look at the blog before publishing. Sorry.

The spray on the citrus is not just any old spray. It is an organic botanical oil. Do have a look at the label and check it out.


The excitement of last Friday afternoon – remember the hail storms and so on?

Well we luckily had just about no hail but the power went, the phone & internet went and as we walked along the veranda, Michael was going to start up the generator to keep the cool rooms going, suddenly a massive bang and thumps and a big limb on a liquid amber tree between the house and the shed crashed onto the roof with part of it piercing sideways into the roof! Fortunately not straight down or it would have smashed my car!

DSC_0004         DSC_0005         DSC_0010

Never a dull moment!


Back on track. Yey!

Hello Everyone

This week Michael has enough produce for both markets, not as much as he would like of course for this time of the year, but nearly!

There’s plenty of tasty, peppery rocket and wild rocket, mesclun & spicy mixed salads and whole baby cos lettuce – but no spinach yet.



There’s mint and basil. There’s oregano that I grow but he says it doesn’t sell so make sure you tell him if you like it! I’ll send it in next week.

Besides the usual orange juice there is watermelon juice this week (but just at Carriage Works market). Yum!




During the week the extra activity besides the usual & always ongoing of weed management and seedling bed preparation Josh and Benoir have been spraying for Citrus Leaf Minor on all the orange trees. Do google it and read what it is. Nasty, huh!

DSC_0018                                          DSC_0020                                                                                                                    DSC_0025                                          DSC_0027

Have a healthy & happy week


Back at Carriage Works

Hello Everyone

We are back at Carriage Works (but no Taylor Square) market but with limited stock in some lines. The salad crops grown with the new shading are not ready yet. As I said to Michael, salad is hardly a native Australian crop that copes with this climate! He is working hard to find different varieties of seed, especially in baby spinach, that can manage this sort of summer weather.

I wish the political climate-deniers could be out in the paddock all day!

There will be chard, kale and rocket and maybe one or two lettuce. He’s hunting around in the paddock!

2017-02-03 08.49.56                                   IMG_20151028_102721994                                           2016-01-07 10.55.39

Zucchini are OK as their leaves cope better & shade the zucchini. There’s citrus, corn, bok choi, diakon (a huge, chinese, white radish), cherry tomatoes, figs & watermelon.

Come early and get the best choice!

Have a healthy week and keep well!