Hello Everyone

Great week with lots of work done in beautiful weather topped off by a very positive visit from Julie Goodwin, past winner of Master Chef & chef Paul MacDonald. They visited our farm Champions Mountain Organics, Shelley & Anthony Luci at Green Mile Stud, Tim & Elise Kemp at Meliora to talk about their ideas and see the produce first hand.

Julie is keen to promote top quality local food production on the Central Coast. Keep you posted for further news.


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On Monday Michael, Louise & Flora spread lime and cleared roots for the next seedling beds in the front paddock. Louise & Flora are from France and working here for a few months horticultural work experience.

Josh, Steve and Samson spread the magic compost into the trenches to feed the new seedlings that will go in soon in the far paddock. If you didn’t realise, farming is a continuous process and picking, packing, delivering and selling are the last processes in a long line!

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This week we have all the varieties of produce we had last week at Eveleigh & Taylor Square Saturday morning markets. Don’t miss the Cimi di Rapa,celery, Bill’s broccolini, the salad mixes, Horta, varieties of kale and mustards. Really tasty food.

The citrus varieties are the same but we have emperor mandarins instead of silverhill. The emperors, unlike real despots, are sweet, juicy and easy to peel!

Eat healthily and feel good all week.