Hello Everyone

The sun is becoming a bit of an enemy at present! Doesn’t look like there’s going to be any let up for a while either. Josh has put into place a shade cloth for the little seedlings in the paddock. If you try it out you owe Josh Pearson bigtime! It works although next week the shade cloths will be a little higher to combat the sun’s rays at the middle of the day. It’s very time consuming but should be well worth it.

Seedlings just cannot manage in 40C+ even with water on their roots. Watering from above just wastes too much water as it evaporates and also weeds grow and take the water from the seedling.

2017-01-27 09.11.43   2017-01-27 09.12.12

                                                                2017-01-27 09.27.45

So we have had some light rain but it hasn’t been enough by a long way. It’s been good for the seedlings but hasn’t soaked in far enough to plough this week to prepare the beds for next week. We had to do above ground watering for that!

2017-01-27 09.28.03

There is the usual range of greens for Carriage Works and Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning in Sydney but no actual whole lettuce. The wild rocket is great and so are the mustards. There’s plenty of the variety of mixed leaves in bags.

2017-01-27 09.42.42  2017-01-27 09.18.32

There’s plenty of different kinds of tomatoes – round or cherry or cocktail! Remember to get your basil to go with them. Cucumbers are lush and prolific, like zucchini.

Stir fries are easy to do in the hot weather when you want to be over a hot stove as little as possible – well I do anyway! So get your Bok Choy and maybe kale?

Have a healthy week and try & stay cool. Good luck to all the children starting back at school for a new year.