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Spinach recovery is finally here after the deluge in April! So make sure you get some on Saturday at Eveleigh or Taylor Square markets.

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We have had a few very frosty days and night temperatures down to 3C so although plants are growing a bit slower the caterpillar pests are dying. Not the ladybirds though! So that’s just brilliant.

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Beside the delicious spinach there are Tuscan & Scotch kale and mesclun and spicy salad mixes.

Horta mix has plenty of vetch, a little farmers friend, milk thistle, clover, marshmallow, soft leaf and false dandelion.

For root vegetables there is beetroot. Three different pumpkins available so get your oven on for roasted jap, Queensland blue or butternut!

For citrus there are Meyer lemons, Clementines and mandarins. It is full season for navel oranges right now.

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Have a great healthy weekend and enjoy yourselves with delicious good food!