[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Not only do farmers have to know science and have the skills to grow, in these days of climate change we also have to be detectives…..to solve the murder of rows of produce virtually overnight.

The only clues… missing plants…. was it slugs and snails ..nope…. field mice .. nope, finally after sifting through the memory banks…. CUT WORMS!  but they are supposed to be problem in spring not this time of year. and here’s where climate change is the accessory to plant murder… because it is still warm, the bad guys keep on with their life cycle BUT the cops of the undergrowth the lizards and centipedes have started into their hibernation cycle so there is nothing to attack these cut worms.  Talking with neighbours, everyone has similar sorts of problems with spring bugs still around in this weather which is still ‘temperaturewise’ Summer.

But the extended summer has been good for the snakes beans and the corn. Plenty of both at the markets on Saturday. Still only a few bags of spinach but some beautiful lettuce and plenty of rocket.  Hopefully May will deliver spinach and look out for the early navels, mandarins and pink grapefruit in the coming weeks.

As usual each week means the boys (and girls creating new beds and the warm weather does have them going well so its not all bad