Hello Everyone

I thought I would just do a quick trip down the process lane as some people new to farming information may not know. So bear with me!

This picture shows 3 of the main processes. On the right is the weedmat covering old beds so that the nutrients stay in the soil and promote bio-activity. The black matting heats up too so the weeds die! The rows next to that are the very young seedlings growing away, watered from underground drip line to save evaporation on these very hot days and will probably ready for Christmas . In the middle the seedlings are bigger and should be ready before Christmas and the plants on the left are ready for picking now.

This next photo is from the other end of the same paddock.

This is before beds are prepared for planting. Dolomite is the white powder you see spread on the right to balance the acidity in the soil.

Salad ready for picking!


And if you get to Carriage Works market in Sydney, at the very beginning, you can get some Brazilian cherries. Started last week and probably finished in a couple of weeks as they are ripening fast with all this very hot weather. There’s only one tree, so not that many!

Taylor Square market is on Saturday morning too, of course.

Have a great, healthy week. Eat lots of greens to keep well as the ‘silly season’ starts!