Hi everyone,

well, finally the rows of Baby Spinach have decided to behave and we will have a good amount on Saturday at both markets. I know we’ve had a few bags for the early birds but it has literally been gone by 8.30 most mornings (might last till at least 9.30 this week).

AND the mandarins have started, beautiful, seedless Silverhill Mandarins great for the kids as are juicy, have no pips and with just a bit of early season tang to balance the sweetness they are good now and will only get better.

Snake beans still going well but have slowed as we are getting cooler nights (at last). this late season bean is the purple snake bean and the purple has all the antioxidants and good stuff so they are super healthy to eat raw or steamed.

Plenty of lettuce, salad and rocket : no sweet corn this week but it will be ready for next week.

hope to see you at the markets, enjoy



ps if the pictures load (and yes I am having trouble), like last week they should be of the snake beans and the baby spinach…. if not use your imagination.  aaahhh… looks like only the snake beans made it and they are sideways