Hello Everyone

This week before & after, or maybe more accurately, later! Very end of Feb to now. From bare soil to lush lettuce rocket & mustard, good to go in about 6 weeks or so. Lots of hard work preparing the soil, planting, checking on it for irrigating, picking and packing. But so worth it, don’t you agree?

20150224_083432                                   20150402_081922

Plenty of salad greens, rocket, kale, horta mix and mustard & spicy mixes. Make sure you get down to Eveleigh or Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning in Sydney.

Obviously there’s also pumpkin and citrus, mushrooms & kale, zucchini & eggplant, tomatoes & cucumbers.



IMG_20150226_093321753 IMG_20150226_093359084 - Copy IMG_20150226_093359084

Lots of rain during the week but clear skies and some sun for picking early this morning.


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A really enjoyable time was had by all at the monthly Mangrove Mountain Community Market last Sunday where we always do a stall. Great new venue at Peats Ridge Public School, using their beautiful new community hall. Do come to the next market 26th April (last Sunday of the month) to see for yourself.

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So I’m off to the UK tomorrow for a couple of months, leaving the blogging (and everything else) in Michael’s capable hands. Look after him!