Hello Everyone

Cooler weather and still rather wet. Plants that want sun are not really getting enough. But it’s favourable to those that love the more overcast damp weather like the lettuce, which is excellent, lush and juicy.

Picking this morning was good without rain. Weeds are still sky high but that’s not a bad thing.

This is the only time I have ever caught Yoon not doing anything as he is politely giving me attention for the photo for a minute! Pete is picking chard. Hope your work place is full of such cheerful smiling workers.


DSCF0527  DSCF0530

Josh was running late (his dog still very, very sick from a tick) so still in thongs and busily picking vetch for the horta mix.


DSCF0533 DSCF0541

Here you can see the lushness of the growing greens. Hard to believe how dry it was such a little time ago! The lettuce really likes not having that burning sun on it through the middle of the day. Purple beans are cropping really well. Crisp and juicy raw, green and delicious lightly cooked.

DSCF0542 DSCF0544

Below Serkan is picking lettuce, Yoon baby spinach and Josh wild rocket. Serkan caught on camera smiling at the lettuce!

DSCF0549 DSCF0551

Pete is picking purple beans. He found a beauty for the ‘Wonky vegetable’ competition the Youth Food Movement are doing. We will enter and see if we can win. Never seen a bean like it!

DSCF0552 DSCF0556

Here is Claire, (my IT support and hard worker and market stall helper at Eveleigh), with rocket. We will miss her when she goes back to France next month.

DSCF0559  Pick up mini cos lettuce, which is growing maxi, along with good mustard greens with your usual shopping at Eveleigh and Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning.

Treat your body well with good veg this week!