Hello Everyone
We are looking forward to seeing you at Eveleigh market this Saturday on its first week back after Christmas & the New Year. Taylor Square market went well last week on its first week back too.




This week we have a good range of produce for you. There’s salad greens,  sweet corn, water melon, cucumbers, kale, zucchini, purple beans, cherry and flavoursome large round tomatoes, eggplant, some rocket, eggs from Ed and lovely organic eggs, etc.


Unfortunately there is no baby spinach as it really does not like the kind of weather we have been having and has given up growing! Try some other salad greens. If you haven’t given the Horta mix a go then try it out. Rocket is delicious and certainly try the spicy mix!









There is citrus, both lemons and oranges. They are juicy and delicious. The photos are to show you that the skins do no justice at the moment to how lovely they are inside. The weather is responsible for the skins being so discoloured and unappealing with this high humidity and coastal rain. Of course we don’t wash them with bleach.








We cut the orange and lemon after photographing them and put them back where they were and you can see how it is.

Obviously people ask and we can’t cut open all the citrus or it would dry out so this way you can see for yourself!










Have you tried the sweet corn yet? A nice change if you haven’t had any recently.


Have a great week, eat well and live well!