Hello Everyone

Well quite a variety of weather this last week. We’ve had just about everything! Six degrees last night, over thirty in the day a few days ago, wild winds and rain and hot enough to start worrying about bush fires!

But the plants keep on growing with the care & management here! So all the usual fruit & veg. Bill’s cucumbers are starting this week too. Look out for them at Taylor Square and Eveleigh markets this Saturday.

IMG_2815    IMG_3499

Serkan is preparing a seedling bed. We have had a massive planting week as all the seedlings were growing like crazy in the warmer weather, so it’s been all hands on deck to keep the produce coming!

Here’s a picture to remind you how we irrigate so that it is all below ground to save losing water by evaporation and also just giving it to the plant we want to have it and not to surrounding weeds we don’t want. Of course some weeds we do want but they never seem to need watering. Hardy things!

IMG_3394    IMG_20141016_100706525

Maria is all rugged up this morning as it was so cold after the weather earlier in the week. Kristina moved to start off her picking in the sun and George, who clearly doesn’t feel the cold much, is picking rocket.


Yoon is picking his usual baby spinach, Josh is foraging for the Horta weeds, checking out the best. Serkan is getting kale.

IMG_20141016_082639891  IMG_20141016_083154125  IMG_20141016_083503581

Once inside the shed everyone is busy washing, and packing the veg. Orders continue to roll in, need changing or whatever and Michael is constantly called away to the phone.

Josh is busy washing and picking over the rocket. Lots of boxes still to do.

IMG_20141016_100652468   IMG_20141016_100714701   IMG_20141016_100815381

Have a good week. Happy munching!