Hello Everyone,

I am Nancy, the farmer’s wife! I would like to introduce myself as I have offered to do most of the blog now. Michael, the farmer is flat out with growing delicious plants for you and picking and packing them for market and masses of things that go with running a farming business.

We have had lovely weather just lately and this Saturday coming up there will be a good variety in season for you to buy.

In citrus we have sweet naval oranges (my favourite orange) and Emperor Mandarins and also still a few Meyer lemons. There are Calmodins which are a good pickling/jamming fruit. There’ll be a few new grapefruit too I think.

There’s the usual wide variety of lettuce and plenty of Rocket – which always makes a salad or sandwich come alive, don’t you think?

There’s golden beetroot and kale, such rich winter vegies. I’ve been tossing the kale in olive oil while cooking it and Mmmmm!

There are the weeds too of course, chickweed and nettles and the horta mix of milk thistle, marsh mallow, dandelion, vetch and plantain.

Hen and duck eggs will be there. Now the days are getting a bit lighter the birds are laying better again.

It’s forecast for a sunny Saturday so get along to Taylor Square or Everleigh markets and pick up your lush vegies and fruit!