Hello Everyone

Well, did we have rain………..66mm! Hope other farmers got some. Just brilliant. For me it’s the end of having to worry about the possibilities of fire for this summer too.

Everything is green and lush and if you thought the weeds were tall before……..now you could get lost in some places on the farm!

Josh is finding the wild rocket has regrown from when it was finished and then mown after last season. Serkan is picking mizuna and in the front and left in the photo are the purple beans. Don’t for get the competition is still on! Neck & neck as whose are the best.

IMG_3390            IMG_3383

Michael was picking the green beans this morning and to the right Craig is getting the rocket. There should be plenty of rocket so make sure you get to Taylor Square or  Eveleigh market on Saturday and Mangrove Mountain Country Markets this week on Sunday.


Bunya nuts look amazing, a taste that is like a cross between macadamia and chestnut after you have boiled them. Google for the many recipes there. Go, try them!

DSCF0390   DSCF0394

The eggplant/aubergines are big and tasty. I photographed them & the watermelon in the coolroom so the photo colour doesn’t do them justice, but I know they are lovely as I have eaten them!

DSCF0395 DSCF0392

These are two different kinds of watermelon. Both HUGE! Yumm.

IMG_3380 IMG_3377

Claire is picking rocket. Reminding you she is from France and doing well with aussies as well as the farm! Yoon is patiently picking baby chard for the salad mix. Of course there are cherry tomatoes, salad mixes and the usual great variety of luscious foods to chose from.

Have a happy and healthy week.