Hello Everyone

Michael spent a lot of Tuesday at Bentley’s restaurant in Sydney with Brent Savage and a camera crew from Vogue Living (I think). Brent is a wonderful chef there and Michael has supplied him with produce for some time since Brent found Michael at Eveleigh Market one Saturday morning running his Champion Mountain Organics stall.

20140318_162326         20140318_173102

This Saturday get along to Eveleigh and Taylor Square markets. Whole fancy lettuce is available at last and is brilliant, the rocket is good and the wild rocket is exceptionable. The Horta mix, now it is coming up to winter, is excellent. There is bunched Tatsoi and the zucchini is wonderful! The workers are smiling in the shed after returning from picking this morning.

IMG_3414   IMG_3510

Persimmon, as Yoon says, are ‘top quality’ and were described as ‘fruit of the Gods’ a long time ago.


IMG_3521   IMG_3536

Although this is a baby feijoa there are ripe ones ready for Saturday. There’s plenty of watermelon although this is the last week for corn. Claire is holding a jap pumpkin (they are big & heavy)and there are butternut pumpkins as well.


 IMG_3541 - Copy   IMG_3543 - Copy



It was a misty early morning today when picking started. Here’s Josh getting the red amaranth for the Horta mix. You can’t see Serkan at the other end of the paddock!

Have a great week eating fresh produce.