Hello Everyone

Good to see you all at Taylor Square and Eveleigh markets last Saturday.

During the week the seedbeds were made and seedlings sown. Serkan is making the holes after water is run through the under-earth water pipes to show the exact position of the irrigation hole. Adam is checking the spots first. Any seedling that is put in where there is no hole just dies. We have had workers in the past who were not conscientious and lost us heaps of seedlings. It’s hard enough for a watered seedling to manage in the hot weather at this time of the year! Serkan makes it look easy but its long hot work. 

 IMG_20150121_091213661_HDR    IMG_20150121_091320589



Josh and Serkan really appreciate this lovely note on a Christmas card from a valued customer at Taylor Square. Many thanks, Tania.


This weekend there is luscious rocket from a new row just grown big enough to pick. It’s very tasty so make sure you get some.

IMG_20150122_131043021 IMG_20150122_121920421

There are plenty of all the usual salad greens (although no baby spinach still I’m afraid) so lots for delicious salads.

IMG_20150122_082227862_HDR IMG_20150122_082258825


Josh is picking the ‘weeds’ for the Horta mix. The main ingredients, of exceptional quality particularly at this point in the season, are red and green amaranth, dandelion, fat hen and farmers friend.

IMG_20150122_082305420 IMG_20150122_121808468

Cherry tomatoes are  young and succulent. The eggplant is perfect flavour (and you can have a chuckle at some of the surprising shapes!) I’ve been roasting them whole and Mmmmm!

IMG_20150122_114711495 IMG_20150122_115304057

Michael hates being backed into a corner but I managed it with the butternuts against the cool-room wall!

These are new and tasty and easy to cook.





Make sure you are at Taylor Square or Eveleigh on    Saturday in Sydney, or up here on Sunday at the Mangrove Mountain Country Markets (check the Face Book page, lots of arts & crafts too). Take a trip out to the country if you live in an urban area and enjoy the bush at its best. We’ve had plenty of rain so no worries of fires. We are very lucky.

Have a great week with lots of fresh vegies!