Hello Everyone

Another lovely day today and picking has just finished at 9.15am. Now to washing & packing. Same thing tomorrow. Then see you at Eveleigh or Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning or Mangrove Mountain Country markets on Sunday morning this week.

IMG_3615                    IMG_3644

This week there is some rocket but you will need to get in early as there isn’t much with the colder nights developing. There’s baby spinach and salad.

Serkan is just starting picking mustard while Craig is out in the jungle picking warrigal greens.

IMG_3620    IMG_3627

Can you spot the little green tree frog on the red mizuna? Hard to get a photo without scaring it away. The sun is shiny on it’s glistening body, hope it gets a good feed of insects.

Michael is checking out a lettuce to see if it comes up to scratch.

IMG_3636    IMG_3639

The purple beans haven’t finished but they are very close to it so we are barely able to fill orders. Get in early. Clearly the very hungry caterpillar is doing just that and you can see what he’s eaten for breakfast. So that bean can’t be picked!

IMG_3647   IMG_3648

Michael is picking plantain growing in among the grass at the end of the row for the salad mix and Claire is picking rocket.

IMG_3619    IMG_3642

The pumpkins are ready and ripe for the picking! Michael has just cut this Queensland blue.

    IMG_3649  IMG_3656

The pumpkins are like the jack Russell, everyone’s territory is theirs! They acknowledge no boundaries! What you see is a tiny part of the sprawl.

Look at the three beds in the picture from right to left. It shows the progression from ready to plant through small seedling to just about ready to pick on the left. Roughly six weeks.

   IMG_3659 IMG_3612

Craig, out of the jungle, helping Yoon pick baby spinach meticulously.

IMG_3660   IMG_3663

This week we have the Meyer lemons, oranges, Lebanese cucumbers and delicious greens. Make sure you get to market early and get the best for your body!

Have a lively week!