Hello Everyone

We have the most delicious, organic eggs for you on a permanent basis. I promise you they are truly free range. A very good price, cheaper than most organic eggs. I have very high standards as regards nutrition – just ask Michael! There have been many requests in the past for truly organic eggs and here they are so remember to get them!



Here’s Josh picking plantain for the Horta mix. Notice, you gym fiends, how much hands on farming keeps you fit. How many twists do you think he does by the time he has crossed the whole paddock! Actually all the photos show the work out you get just working!

Here’s the lovely French Claire, always so cheerful and capable, picking baby rocket.

IMG_20140925_083655647                                    IMG_20140925_084450337

Craig is with us today, lending his cheery demeanor and long arms! He’s picking scotch kale in the other picture.

IMG_20140925_084615128  IMG_20140925_084201794

The chard is delicious and tasty, use it in your spinach recipes. Perfect with feta & filo pastry for this warmer weather when people might want a break from soups. Remember the herbs too so everything is tasty.

DSCF4666   DSCF4667

Purple-flowered Vetch just clambers about, intertwining with everything! Seems to be everywhere. You’ll see it in the Horta. Michael loves it as it fixes the nitrogen in the soil which all the plants need.

Today was warm and cloudy to start with so this is one of the rare photos of Yoon outside with out a hat picking baby spinach.

DSCF4669   DSCF4670

Maria is picking rocket which is just one of the salad varieties you can buy at Eveleigh or Taylor Square on Saturday or Mangrove Mountain Country Markets on Sunday this weekend. Who needs more excuse to visit our lovely area? All the Gymea lilies are out this time of year and the giant lily is the emblem for the mountain plateau. Come and see!

Heaps of yummy Tuckerflora mushrooms at Taylor Square market.

 DSCF4673                      DSCF4511

Serkan is not in any photos today as his dog took on a very big red-bellied black snake yesterday and although the snake lost in the end, the dog is poisoned and is hanging in by a thread. So we send our sympathies and fingers crossed the dog pulls through.

Have a safe & healthy week,