Hello Everyone

We had a lot of rain Monday and Tuesday and half of Wednesday. The dam went from empty to half full! We got 131mm. The water is still trickling in from the around about rocks with the lovely blue sky & drying wind today, Thursday.

IMG_20150129_082232789 IMG_20150129_082317953

This week at the market we have for you lovely young butternut pumpkins, and sweetcorn.

IMG_20150129_125115653 IMG_20150129_143517218

There are three different kinds of tomatoes, roma, round and cherry, all looking good. Domestic rocket ( as opposed to the wild!), some salad and some whole lettuce too. They are in short supply due to the wildly different weather conditions we’ve had! Here’s Maria, cheerful as always, bagging the rocket for you.

IMG_20150129_143549587 IMG_20150122_121754591 IMG_20150122_131033559

There’s plenty of Horta mix and Warrigal greens like last week. Weeds are great survivors of weird weather!

There’s avocados from Jean, eggplant, watermelon and cucumbers from Bill and figs from Barry.

IMG_20150129_125233101 IMG_20150129_143651618

Have a great week, back into routine with those families where children are once more at school, nourishing eating with fresh vegies for dinner!