Hello Everyone,

I’m back from England after 11 weeks and pleased to be here in this sunny, quiet and spacious place at Mangrove Mountain. Heaps of wonderful things done and so impressed at what a great job Michael did with the farm blog and facebook while I was away. He is pleased I am back to do it though, as he is a busy man!

Here are Yoon & Claire at 7.30am packing boxes into the ute to take up to the paddock for picking this morning. Yoon is picking baby spinach. The sun is just coming over from behind the hill.


DSCF4380  DSCF4384

Claire is picking rocket and different lettuce is coming up behind her! Michael is walking across the paddock in the distance to get everyone sorted.

DSCF4386   DSCF4387

Josh, Greg & Serkan  – ‘men at work’ -  still in the shade getting the picking underway. As you can see the sun is about to come across and warm everyone up. Serkan is picking salad.

DSCF4388   DSCF4390

Josh is picking mallow and vetch for the horta mix. Vetch on the right.

DSCF4393   DSCF4397

Greg is here picking rocket (picture below).

Michael, on the right, is tightening up the leaking joiner on the water pipe to one of the small tanks that are fed from the large green tank (45,000 litres) which is in turn fed from the large tank on the top of the hill behind which is pumped up hill from the bore pump in the laundry behind the house at the bottom of the hill. This sounds VERY pedantic but is so essential to the life of the farm. As you may realise we have had a very dry last few weeks and without water you would be looking at an empty stall on a Saturday!

DSCF4399   DSCF4402

Michael says you are all well aware how fast the blood oranges sell at the weekend and how fantastic their flavour is. So get there as quickly as you can! They are ripening so well.

DSCF4404   DSCF4407

Here’s one of the bigger trees that we planted in 2000, with our first lot of WOOFERs! Farming is a lesson in patience.


Have a great, healthy week, enjoy the lovely sunshine.