Hello Everyone

Hope you had a look at our face book page and saw the photos of our English friends who dived in the deep end and helped at Eveleigh on Saturday. First time in Australia and so last week I was busy inducting them into Aussie culture, surfing, BBQ, bush walking etc!

This week at Eveleigh & Taylor Square markets you need to get in early as the very hot dry weather has upset the plants. Michael & the men have irrigated endlessly to try to stop plant burn (where some of the leaves go white & die). Apparently it has been the driest summer since 1942! However we have had very occasional drizzle, which is better than nothing. Our watering is underground, of course, to prevent evaporation, wastage & weed growth.


IMG_3334    IMG_3329

However, watermelons are looking good, sweet & juicy. Prickly pear is delicious and there are plenty of Eureka lemons for you, nice & juicy despite being green.

IMG_3335   IMG_3324

Here’s Josh picking mustard greens early this morning. These new rows of mizuna, rocket & lettuce are going well as are the fuller grown ones to the left. On the right the ‘fallow’ rows are waiting for next week’s work to plough, rake, set the watering tape, make the holes & plant.

IMG_3327 IMG_3332

Introducing Claire, our new French intern, who arrived last week. She has come for four months and is working hard. She is the fourth French intern we’ve had here and we hope she is like the first two. She’s washing rocket and learning the ropes!


Craig is weighing up salad the first stage after washing and getting it into the cool room quickly before bagging up and labelling later.

Have a happy & healthy eating week!