Hello Everyone

A big welcome to our new French worker, Marie. She arrived just before the storm on Saturday having spent a few days in Sydney getting orientated to the Aussie accent!

This morning here she is picking rocket and with Maria in the second photo.

20141106_080523                     20141106_080501

Most of this week everyone has been working hard on preparing seed beds for the plants you will be eating at Christmas! This seed bed that looks a bit sparse was planted yesterday with the seedlings for Christmas greens and they nearly took a bit of battering in the storm yesterday evening but by tomorrow  will be looking spritely and robust and be growing strongly.

Then there is Yoon picking spinach among the weeds this morning, and then Serkan picking lettuce.

20141106_080718  20141106_081713  20141106_081808

Golden beetroot look such a rich colour, don’t they? Whoops! That’s the artist in me! But they are a great vegetable so do remember to look out for some at the Saturday market.

IMG_20141106_105505701 IMG_20141106_105529267

Serkan is picking the golden beetroot on the far side of the purple kale at Ed’s. (Ed is about 87 so we help him out and he helps us by growing small sections of plants that we want. He is tickled pink to do it!) Nettles have snuck in between the broad beans so Steve is picking cautiously. Very glad to have Steve back for a few days. He has finished his science degree and he  is looking around for jobs.

IMG_20141106_110151787 IMG_20141106_110743882

Josh is working harder than ever, didn’t even get a chance to take photos of him this week.

Michael is hopefully having a day off on Saturday for his birthday so a big thanks to Greg for doing Eveleigh this week with Lucy. You’ll see Serkan and Josh at Taylor Square as usual – reliable as ever.

Happy, healthy eating,