IMG_20150108_095043893[1]Hello Everyone
We are all back on deck after a short, welcome break. Planting and seedling bed preparation has been going on so lush fresh produce is ready for you this weekend AT TAYLOR SQUARE MARKET ONLY. Eveleigh won’t be back till next week so you might want to go just that bit further if you normally go to Eveleigh and pop over to Taylor Square. Shops and restaurants are getting deliveries.



This week there will be good organic eggs, baby chard (that you can see Michael picking this morning) rocket, salad greens, sweet corn, pumpkin, cucumbers (a round variety too), different varieties of kale, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms from Margins, purple beans and all the varieties you have come to expect!
Josh is picking rocket along with Maria. It’s very warm and damp with this high humidity we are having. The plants like it but so do the insects!



Josh has picked Horta for you and the mustard greens are looking great. We tried some out on the teenage nephews a couple of weeks ago and they found them too hot and spicy! However we know a lot of you like them in a salad mix. I do and I’m not one to like chilli. Really tasty. The corn is juicy and ready to go.

IMG_20150108_083631497 IMG_20150108_094911106 IMG_20150108_095015956

Have a healthy week with fresh food and wonderful salads.