Hello Everyone

Leaves are huge! Lots of green growth! The spinach could not be called baby could it? Hardly fits in Steve’s mouth! And the mustard greens that Florian & Serkan are cutting will have to go in bunches in carrierbags!

A good balance between sun & rain makes the big leaves. We also didn’t get the hail  here but up the road they did, which would have wiped us out.

2015-10-01 08.43.11 2015-10-01 08.43.31 2015-10-01 08.53.56 2015-10-01 08.54.57

Remember the Horta weed mix is full of green vitamins & minerals and other stuff! Weeds are strong & successful so edible ones have a wide range of nutrients. As you can see from the photo I can hardly move for the vetch clambering over everything. Vetch, soft leaf & false leaf dandelion, fat hen, plantain, milk thistle .   

The vetch, of course, fixes nitrogen in the soil so further helps to improve fertility


2015-10-01 08.19.23  2015-10-01 08.22.36 2015-10-01 08.23.57 2015-10-01 08.24.05


‘About Life’ Sydney stores are doing a special promotion on weeds for Good Food Month. We supply them a lot of produce.

2015-10-01 09.02.45 2015-10-01 09.06.41

Along with all the greens, good broccoli & kale for sale this weekend too. Get along to Carriage Works or Taylor Square markets this Saturday morning in Sydney.

2015-10-01 09.20.18 2015-10-01 09.20.35 2015-10-01 10.32.32

We wash in pure spring water, clean & sort all our leaves before they are bagged or bunched for you. Many farmers do not. We keep our own soil to go back on the land as well as yellowing or low grade leaves to go on the compost. Processing wild rocket is very labour-intensive as you can see from the photo of Josh washing & cleaning it. That’s reflected in the pricing. So now you know!

2015-10-01 10.32.02 2015-10-01 10.32.10 

Welcome to Florian & Majid this week. Florian is from his family’s organic farm in Brittany, France, and is here to experience a much smaller organic farm in Australia. He has been to Australia before picking on farms further north. Majid, from Iran originally, lives in Australia and wants to know about how we farm. Good to have you both here.

Have a healthy week.