Continuing the water analogy but changeing the metaphor we continue to show the turnaround in the farm’s fortunes over the past few weeks. And it has only been a few weeks,  as I looked at the rain records and realised that it only stopped raining in the first week of April and here we are in the 3rd week of May so that’s only 6 weeks (not conuting the 2nd week of April as the ground was too wet from all the rain).

Like a huge ocean liner it just takes time to turn around … nothing is instant in growing veggies.

So to get to this stage after 6 weeks shows the fertility of the farm and is due to the hard work of our workers, Claire, Steve and especially Josh.


Here we are picking for the Saturday markets….. very cool and crisp but the sunshine is dazzling


Lots of leafy greens and the ever sweetening, new season citrus.

Meyers lemons, navel oranges, silverhill madndarins, grapefruit, limes and still plenty of pumpkin for those cool weather soups.


Hope to see you at the markets as the weather will be great over the weekend too