Hello Everyone

The week started rather chilly in the mornings but this end of the week is warmer at last. Planting, picking & washing salad is easier when your hands aren’t freezing!

During the week Michael, Flora, Louise, Steve & Samson worked on new seedling beds.

IMG_20150721_094929898_HDR  IMG_20150721_094955747 IMG_20150721_100003337  IMG_20150721_100059125 IMG_20150721_100148151 IMG_20150721_100255269_HDR IMG_20150721_100956853

Compost heaps are steaming in the cold mornings as the temperature rises inside and the heat breaks down the mix. There’s some basalt dust on the second one to mineralise the mix.

IMG_20150722_085019479 IMG_20150722_085041432

This week at Eveleigh & Taylor Square markets there will be plenty of Horta week mix, rocket, spinach, salads and mustards. There’s Bill’s broccolini and plenty of good kale, all three varieties, Scotch, Tuscan & purple.


 IMG_20150722_085211947 IMG_20150723_093229493IMG_20150722_085250353 IMG_20150722_085420077  IMG_20150722_085548362 IMG_20150722_085125899

There’s good bok choy for stir fries, there’s celery and this week there’s shelling peas – the real thing! Show your children where peas really come from!




You are too late now for cimi de rapa, it’s finished for a couple of weeks till more grows.

Citrus fruit is plentiful. Get Sevilles for your winter marmalade making, pack lunch boxes with emperor mandarins as they are so sweet & juicy & easy to peel. Navels for the fruit bowl at home and tangelos & clementines for variety.


Winnie, a long term faithful customer, has come for this week to try country living. Courageously she has left her young family in Sydney while she experiments with a ‘tree change’. She’s copped the most unpleasant weather for working all day outside, but cheerfully has worked hard.

 IMG_20150723_091734737_HDR IMG_20150722_085453575

On the home front, if you see Serkan at Taylor Square Market congratulate him on the birth of his beautiful baby boy. A proud father!

Have a healthy, happy week.