Hi everyone,

well after what seemed to be the longest and cetainly was the hottest summer on record the weather did what it is typical of Australia, dropped over 200mm of rain in a week. And then more this week. Far too much     makes life difficult to say the least.

But we are doing well and there was nothing too intense… we lost a day’s work as the things we wanted to do would have ruined the soil stucture but we are back on track and ready to plant new rows.

The purple king beans and snake beans are coming good and the rocket has survived. The lettuce and salads are slowly recovering from the heat so we’ll have our usual range  at both Taylor Sq. and Carriageworks this Saturday.

20170310_075841[1]   20170310_075331[1]  The orange pumpkins are Aussie Butter a beautiful colour and taste. we also have great butternut and jap pumpkin.20150129_125016[1]      

DSC_0031[1]Nancy and the purple kings!  (sounds like a pop group)

Despite the wet, wet, wet, we’d love to see you at Taylor Sq and/or Carraigeworks … these wet days are the ones where you can really support your local farmers.

all the best