Hello Everyone

Michael took the photos today and there it was, a lovely green frog hanging out in a secure place where it won’t get sprayed and there’s plenty of food!

Of course, with the good balance of rain & sun growth is great. Well, weeds too of course! But they provide loads of benefits for insects, flowers to attract bees, hiding places for bug eaters and enormous fun for tunnel making for Boris, the jack russell, catching rats & rabbits!

Here’s some of the full boxes on the ute, picked this morning at 7.30 am, ready to go back to the shed for washing & packing.

Loads of salad, all sorts of green leafed plants – which is real food of course for top health – baby spinach, Horta mix and so on.

Make sure you get to Carriage Works or Taylor Square markets in good time for the best selection on Saturday morning.

Have a great healthy and happy week.