Today Champion’s Mountain Organics features in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Living section. The story even got the cover picture on the print magazine, so look out for it (we haven’t got a copy yet!).

Michael Champion featured in the Sydney Morning Herald

Michael was interviewed for the story on “Weeds” and their current popularity in cooking and culinary delights. Michael grows nettles, mustard greens and chickweed on the farm (not all of it intentionally!) and they have been getting quite popular recently. Here’s a couple of quotes from the article:

Champion has a following of intrigued home cooks and enthusiastic nursing mothers who have discovered the leaves’ positive effects on lactation.

If that doesn’t pique your interest nothing will! Head over to the SMH now to read the rest of the article.

Our only advice is to not let yourself get too influenced by all the “weeding” puns in the article! Anyway, I’m off to put the nettle on…