G’day all and welcome to 2012. Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Were starting off this year at Sydney Sustainable Markets at Taylor Square this saturday, so any Everligh customers please come over and see me (Lee) at Taylor Square on Oxford st and Forbes st with parking behind on Forbes or Bourke st.

Now the formalities are over and summer has started we have some fantastic new produce to kick off the first market.

Sweet corn, the juiciest corn with a lasting sweet flavor. Capsicums, these are the best around, the wholesalers are begging for these but we are only selling them at the markets for you. Cherry tomatoes, wow if you got to enjoy these last year you’ll be lined up before 8 am to get some more, these tomatoes were without a doubt the best selling produce we had last year, they were running out the markets.

Like last year we still have the Romano or Italian flat beans are in plenty, and zucchini by the box, and on the topic look out for Luke from Tetsuya restaurant who is coming down to pick up his Zucchinis.

All very exciting for a new start to a new year, i am also facebooking on the champion mountian organics facbook page so check us out and like our page and get some more information¬† on the day to day happenings on the farm. Come and see g’day and introduce yourself if your new, and grab the best produce around. Looking forward to seeing you this saturday.