Hello Everyone

Wild freesias blooming on the farm mean the earth is truly warming up after winter. There’s a warmth in the air up here despite the occasional 3C but usual 5C temperatures at night.  Soon it will be warmer still. So, of course, abundance continues!

2015-08-20 08.18.26                               2015-08-20 08.48.30

At Carriage Works and Taylor Square markets on Saturday morning you can buy plenty of rocket and wild rocket, baby spinach & redrib spinach. There’s mustard, mizuna & mesclun greens.

Russian, Tuscan & Scotch kale are rich in phytonutrients – the bitter taste that scientists say we mustn’t miss  from our diets – with the chase for sweeter & sweeter fruit & veg. Read the article for the info from the New Scientist August 1st edition by Marta Zaraska. Really interesting. So glad I love dark, bitter greens anyway!

IMG_20150702_100447758 IMG_20150722_085211947

A good range of citrus on sale still. Organic blood oranges are abundant at present however the season will be over in a couple of weeks or so. Feast on them now! You can also get Emperor mandarins, navels, pink and white grapefruit, tangelos & clementines.

2015-08-20 08.24.06 2015-08-20 08.23.36

The bok choi looks great, doesn’t it? There’s also  soft leaf & crunchy baby cos lettuce.

2015-08-20 08.50.42 2015-08-20 08.51.05

Compost – the source of good growing. Here’s lots of lovely (but ‘gross’ according to casual workers clearing out the truck & getting it onto the heap!) rich spent mushroom compost from Margins mushrooms. (We sell their mushrooms at Mangrove Mountain Country Markets on the last Sunday of the month at Peats Ridge Public School, Peats Ridge Road and at Taylor Square on Saturdays.)

2015-08-18 10.48.44 2015-08-20 08.27.34


The rich compost is here covered in fine basalt rock dust which mineralises the mix. Our mountain soils are low in minerals (millions of years of erosion on mountains where rock is washed & deposited on river flats). So minerals need replacing.


Have a terrific spring week, eating well & staying healthy!