Hello Everyone

As you probably know, winter solstice has just occurred (21st/22nd June). This obviously affects the growth and well being of plants. It used to affect humans too when we slept under the moon and stars!

Lots of seedling planting went on last week and very uplifting to be alongside the rich & flourishing growth. This week a snapshot of a moment in a morning working in the paddock!

IMG_20150624_113822556 IMG_20150624_113836372 IMG_20150624_113901685 IMG_20150624_113923828 IMG_20150624_113949631 IMG_20150624_114024238 IMG_20150624_114101877 IMG_20150624_114724649 IMG_20150624_114818788 IMG_20150624_115015720 IMG_20150624_115112228

The spinach, rocket and salad are all looking very good, despite the short days & long nights because of the great sunny days last week.

IMG_20150625_103503932_HDR IMG_20150625_103735663

The good range of citrus available this week are sweet navels, pink grapefruit, mandarins, clementines, Meyer lemons, ordinary lemons and lemonade fruit.

There will be pine mushrooms at Taylor Square. Did you get any of the whoppers last week?

There will also be bagged and bunched kale, broccolini and Horta and spicy salad mixes.

Look out for rainbow chard which is a beautiful rich colour and similar taste to silver beet. Good for an impressive vegetable serve for guests!

IMG_20150625_103651926 IMG_20150625_103700578 IMG_20150625_103705096 IMG_20150625_103724703

So get to Taylor Square & Eveleigh Markets on Saturday morning in Sydney and/or Sunday morning at Mangrove Mountain Country Market now held at Peats Ridge Primary School in the school grounds and the community hall there. Its a great venue, good amenities and plenty of undercover space too. There’s a wide variety of stalls and a lovely location in the bush.

Have a healthy week.