Hello Everyone

Perfect weather for the blood oranges just lately. Nice frosts overnight and strong winter sunshine and temps over 20 degrees during the day.  This “stretch of temperature” brings out the flavour and the colour to give the true red pigment that characterises this late winter fruit.  If you go to a juice bar in Italy and ask for an orange juice…. you automatically get blood orange…. obviously the Italians do not consider OJ to be orange at all.

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Plenty of ALL the citrus you could want from the basics of beautiful navels to the exotic Bergamot.

All our famous greens will be at market even though they don’t like this weather and shoot up flowers, but we pick regularly to keep them leafy and full flavoured.

Also a new crop of cauliflowers, silver beet,  3 kinds of kale, nice young daikon and red shallots…. but be early, many of the best things run out…. I know its cold first thing but if you snooze , you could lose.

All the best, Michael