Hello Everyone

There’s more than pumpkins of course, but it is Australian winter and what better warming food could you have? Even the glorious colour of the flesh is cheering!

DSC_0765       DSC_0766

This one is a jap pumpkin. I understand that the vegetable is high in calcium too which is why it was used as a weaning food for babies. Makes a lot of sense as it mashes easily and keeps a bit.

DSC_0763        DSC_0764

That’s not to say one should ever ignore the green leaves! Loads of recipes for Silver Beet to go in with ricotta and/or feta, in pies and flans, (to be added to the mashed pumpkin goes without saying), stir-fries etc.

At Carriage Works and  Taylor Square Markets on Saturday morning there will be all the leafy greens, pine and Swiss Brown mushrooms, all the citrus varieties, …… that you have come to rely on.

Think about roots! This is the time of the year your body needs them most. So you can get beetroot, swede, carrots….. and potatoes (tubers, not roots if you want to be properly correct! And pumpkin are fruits!)

Have a heart-warming week!