Hi Everyone,

As you can see the leafy salad greens are looking superb as this mild to warm weather is perfect for them. so plenty of rocket and spinach, salad mix of both kinds and as the days stay warm great for salads or sandwiches.

This is Claire’s last week so one more pic of her (and Yoon) she is of to the red centre, then the Cook islands and then ICELAND what a contrast!

She has been a terrific intern and although she will not become a farmer she says she has enjoyed the experience and come to a better understanding of the work that goes into growing good clean fresh food.


Here’s Pete and although he looks like he’s in the middle of weeds he is actually picking Tat soi from couple of nice rows. you can see the oranges in the background starting to colour nicely.              


An this week ,due to the flu which has laid a couple of the team low, we were pleased to have a special guest appearance from Cane Toad Dundee.

Greg (Craig’s brother) has actually worked on the farm longer than most and is just back from the NT where he was completing his Masters degree researching cane toads.


Later in the day we picked the last of the persimmons. As you can see from the photos below not many left.

Yoon calls this patch persimmon heaven as he and his family really love them.

We’ll have them for a couple more week as they will stay firm in the cool room till needed.