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HI all,

well, we have a story this week’!

It all starts with the seedlings coming beautiful and fresh from Patio Plants (pic 1) we then plant and water and love them. then in pic 3 below we have some gentle caring people like Yoon pick and Claire, our new French intern, and Craig in the background (pic 4)

IMG_3806       IMG_3815

But Craig grumbled about being in the background and also that I used an OLD pic of him last week so here we have a fresh, closer shot as he picks the rocket. Pic 6 is another view of that patch.

IMG_3818    IMG_3817

Meanwhile, in the other paddock, Maria and Serkan….. both hiding in headwear so they won’t be recognised?

IMG_3820    IMG_3821

AND just to show you we have land for wildlife this is what the wildlife did to our freshly formed bed last night…. looks like a wallaby disco.


Here’s a close-up of the distinctive back leg marks the wallaby makes.


Last but not least with all this glorious not very winterish weather (except for cold mornings) we are getting great sunsets. This is evening light reflecting on the bush behind the house. Its a beautiful light show but only last a few minutes.  


So we‘ve had great weather and everything is super good; plenty of rocket and baby spinach, salads, kale looking great and late season tomatoes cucumbers and eggplant. Lots for everyone at Eveleigh and Taylor Square on Saturday. If you come say hi and let us know you checked out the blog.