Hi all,

here’s some pics of the brief farewell to Claire and her farewell to Boris (the crazy dog)

Bit of a teary good bye… we will miss her.


As usual, Yoon doing his thing, picking the baby spinach which is super good


And Josh is back having had a few days off last week get on top of  this heavy cold (almost flu) which is going around



Here’s a before pic of the beds we finished and planted this week


and here is what the beds will look like in a month or less if this great weather keeps up (although a shower or two would be welcome now).

heaps of great rocket, baby spinach,  lettuce,  kale….everything looking superb.


and this great weather gives us good sunsets too!!

the view from our front veranda


AND an unsung heroine, Lucy who staffs the Eveleigh stall with me (and a pic of the stall of course) about time she got a look in and a mention as a valuable member of the team



Also this week we have a guessing competition. If YOU can identify this mushroom please let us know. It is definitely in the Boletus family and looks like a cousin to Slippery Jack but it’s not slimy like them and certainly a lot bigger……. suggestions anyone.

And BTW the rule is if you can’t identify a wild mushroom 100%….. DON’T  eat them (we didn’t)

We will have some Pine mushrooms at the Taylor Square market and maybe slippery jacks but those are the only ones we collect as I know them well and they are easily identifiable