Hello Everyone,

Great week for weather with cool nights and sunny days with little wind – just the job.

During the week Pat came & turned the large compost heaps with his much bigger tractor than you see here which is ours he is using to finish off. The compost means there will be plenty of fertility for summer. This pile wont be ready for 4 to 6 months. Then it will go on the seedling beds.

 IMG_20150812_095243710_HDR IMG_20150812_095455420

Caroline, Louise, Flora and Steve were planting more seedlings of course this week.

IMG_20150812_095510556 IMG_20150813_082328098_HDR 

Picking today was a delight because of the abundance of greens.

On Saturday morning at Carriage works market (formally Eveleigh) and Taylor Square in Sydney you will be able to get plenty of both wild & wide leaf rocket, red rib spinach, baby english spinach, cimi de rapa, russian kale, cavello nero, scotch and purple kale. Chick weed is abundant and Horta weeds mix, mustard leaves, mizuna and spicy mixes will be all there.

 IMG_20150813_082349004_HDR IMG_20150813_082556161_HDR  IMG_20150813_082747270 IMG_20150813_083933799

The cool nights and sunny days have brought out the flavour & colour of the citrus flesh.You’ll be able to buy pink grapefruit, navels, clementines, tangelos and delicious blood oranges. Also of course, blood orange juice. Mmmmmm!

IMG_20150813_084033071 IMG_20150813_085053772


Our 8 hectare (out of 18 hectares) hazard reduction burn was professionally conducted by the RFS on Sunday with great success. There was no wind and corridors were left for wildlife. The regrowth will be excellent as the fire will germinate seeds of indigenous plants that haven’t seen fire for more than the 28 years we have been here. Possibly 30 to 50 years!

2015-08-09 16.04.58 2015-08-09 15.54.42 2015-08-09 15.49.47

Have a safe and happy week, with nutritious greens eating!