Michael’s first blood oranges of the season made a fantastically ruby red juice last Saturday at the markets, unlike some commercially available organic blood orange juice. We sold out well before the end of the market, with some people walking off with as many kilograms as we would sell them.

We have broccoli in for the first time – only a few heads, so first come first served!

Our stock list is about the same as last week. We’ll have half kg bags of Kiwi fruit, punnets of mushrooms, and our cos whole lettuce is in fantastic form.

Granny Smith Apples; Lady Williams Apples; Avocados; Beetroot; Blood orange juice; Blood oranges; Bok Choi; Cucumbers; Eggs; Fennel; Herbs; Jam; Kale, Tuscan  ‘Cavalo Nero’; Kiwi fruit; Leeks; Lemonades; Lemons; Whole Lettuce; kaffir & regular Limes; Mandarins; Mizuna; Mushrooms, Organic; Mustard; Mustard, Red Elk; Orange Juice; Oranges; Pine Mushrooms; Pumpkin; Rhubarb; Rocket; our regular Bagged Salads (100g & 150g); Shallots; Shelling peas; Cherry Tomatoes; Truss Tomatoes.