to me

Hello Everyone

A good week with cold nights & sunny days up here on the plateau.

At Carriage Works and Taylor Square Markets in Sydney on Saturday morning you will be able to choose from a great range of all our specialities

LotsĀ  of great citrus this week as we hit peak season and everything is top quality.

beautiful Navels and the red Cara Cara Navels:

sweet seedless Silverhill Mandarins;

eureka Lemons, seedless and full of juice;

fragrant Meyer Lemons (the chef’s choice)

limes & Kaffir limes

Clementines (smaller tangy mandarins)

sweet Lemonade fruit

even a few Cumquats

All our greens are on song too with plenty of spinach and rocket; salad if you are needing a lunch meal and kale for evening hot food.

Snow peas and Sugar snap peas, crunchy and sweet.

Hope to see you all bright and early hopefully before more rain comes