Hello Everyone

Good picking this week. If you have never tried the Horta then give it a go. Josh reminds me to tell you that the autumn vetch is now coming up well and the milk thistle is abundant. The nights are getting longer so there is less length of light in the day and the sun is lower so it’s less intense and the plants of course sense this. I haven’t noticed it being cooler but it must be!


Josh is foraging here for the Horta and Steve has the green elk – a mustard plant whose leaves are  lovely and spicy- real mustard in a green leaf.


William & Hannah are from Sweden and have been working hard. They have just about adjusted to the heat. As they say, 13C is their summer temp so it’s a considerable adjustment!

Your educational section this week is about soil improvement! Of course it is obvious that plants cannot have any good mineral content unless it is in the soil to start with. So you must have healthy soil in order to have healthy plants. If you don’t eat healthy plants you will never be really healthy. (Remember supersize me?)

So to improve the soil you need to grow mineral rich good green crops to plough in and you need to make very good compost rich with plants and any minerals your soil hasn’t got. Remember Australian soil is naturally lacking in some minerals & trace elements so the plants don’t have any unless you organise it so they do, like Michael does with good compost and rock dust.

20150224_082751 20150224_082753 

The first 2 photos show our soil before it was enriched, very sandy with ironstone. The next 2 pictures show the enriched soil and the one after shows one of the many compost heaps that Champion Organics makes and uses


 20150224_083428 20150224_083432    20141030_091859

Have a great week and live healthily with produce from either Taylor Square or Eveleigh markets in Sydney on Saturday morning.