Hello Everyone

Lovely sunny weather for picking today and tomorrow morning markets with a good chance of much needed rain for days afterwards. Rain is still what’s needed!

This week remember to buy Cimi di Rapa, the delicious italian heritage vegetable, is in good supply. Michael is holding it in the picture. Blood oranges are in full swing, sweet and juicy. Local Seville oranges from our neighbour are plentiful so get out your marmalade making equipment or buy for someone who does! Also our red rib baby spinach is ready for you.


The next seedlings to be planted arrived at 7.30 this morning, looking lush and packed with good potential. Yoon is putting empty boxes onto the back of the ute ready to go up to pick and Michael is calling out for everyone that we are ready.

DSCF4467   DSCF4469 

You might wonder why we use the polystyrene boxes and it is to keep weight to a minimum for workers who don’t want to end up with shoulder surgery like Michael has had. They are reused till they fall apart.

Here Josh is cutting red rib chicory for Bentley restaurant and Maria is trimming off roots of the rocket she is picking.

DSCF4470   DSCF4472 Remember to buy broccoli and broccolini, such a nourishing vegetable and never bitter while young & fresh. Yoon is picking the baby spinach as usual.


DSCF4475   DSCF4476

Michael battling the rocket and Greg trying not to be self conscious while I snap away with the camera as he packs up the bok choi!

DSCF4481                                           DSCF4488

Claire is picking younger rocket than Maria, as you can see it has not flowered yet. Serkan is picking whole lettuce. Everyone wrapped up in wet weather trousers as everyone needs to be early in the morning as the dew and mist on the plants soak your legs and leave you cold to stand for the rest of the day in the packing shed otherwise.

DSCF4491   DSCF4492

The arty side of me couldn’t resist a picture of the fennel and rocket flowers in the early morning sparkly sunshine. What do you think?

DSCF4495   DSCF4496

Josh is picking vetch for the horta mix. See all that lovely young bok choi growing behind him ready in a few weeks?

Jean, from Tuckerflora delivered her mushrooms and kale this morning. Delicious. Have you tried mushrooms on toast for breakfast? Chris’s amazing native mint, parsley & radishes get snapped up early so be quick!

DSCF4501                           DSCF4513

DSCF4514   DSCF4520

Have a terrific week, enjoy your lovely healthy food and don’t hesitate to share the lovely recipes.