Hello Everyone

This comes from a wet farm this Friday morning! Happy farmer with a decent drop of rain these last few days! Possibly less thrilled pickers who are back from the paddocks soaking wet! Yesterday was pretty dry in the morning and here’s the lovely Claire emptying the ute from the early morning pick. Josh and Yoon, just in from picking, are trying to identify the Native birds Yoon heard this morning. Every moment can be a learning experience!

DSCF4524   DSCF4533


Jean from Tuckaflora is proudly holding the first of the season avocados. Not to be missed! These will be ready to eat during next week so plan that into your meals when you buy them tomorrow at Eveleigh or Taylor Square markets. As you can see, they look superb.

DSCF4526   DSCF4537

Jim & Jackie Steele have moved their business, Egganic, from Orange to Mangrove Mountain. Championorganics is proud to be able to sell their organic eggs at the markets for them. We will still have Ed’s eggs, however, which, as you know, are free range but the hens are not fed organically.

John Priestley’s mandarins from Patterson arrived yesterday. Usually Michael goes up each Wednesday to collect them, but they were kindly delivered by John’s daughter and husband. John has been the organic guru for Michael for many, many years. Here’s Greg unloading them.

DSCF4529   DSCF4530

This week there is plenty of rocket and spinach to go with the cooler weather recipes you are probably using. There is all the usual salads and greens that we carry available too, of course.

DSCF4538   DSCF4539

Michael, with a nearly packed cool room, Friday night about 6.00pm. He has a few more hours to go before getting to bed ready to get up at 3.00am to pack the trucks to go down to Sydney for market. He, Josh and Serkan look forward to seeing you there.


Have a week of healthy eating and feeling great.