Hello Everyone

Lovely Hass & Reed avocados will be at Taylor Square & Eveleigh Market this Saturday.


There’ll be chard and Russian Kale, the usual Bok Choy, beetroot, Horta & Nettles. Rhubarb makes delicious crumbles. Celery is looking young & fabulous, don’t forget to buy it.

IMG_2192   IMG_2344

Swiss Brown mushrooms will only be at Taylor Square so be sure to make a visit.


Lots of citrus this Saturday. Hope you enjoyed some mandarins last week. There are Emperors, Ellendales and Imperials again tomorrow. Cut a Pink grapefruit in half and doesn’t it look inviting? Seville & naval oranges as well as usual lemons are available.

Leeks and a few pumpkin there too. Don’t forget the Horta mix and the nettles.

Have a nutritious week!

Cheers, Nancy