Hello Everyone

From the driest July the farmer is now whinging about the wettest August! Well I am surprised the utes haven’t aquaplaned on the track to the paddocks!

We have water pouring off the hill behind the house down to the dam which is pretty good & not seen for months! The pickers have been hiding under piles of wet weather gear. Plants keep growing and work keeps going.

A pipe we put in 27 years ago to take the storm water under the track on its way to the dam. Michael not tempting fate even on Friday when it appeared to be not raining when they went to pick at 7.30! As I write this at midday it is pouring again!

 DSCF4542                                DSCF4551  

Thursday morning started very wet, sloshing on through the track on the curve by the road.

IMG_3923  DSCF4563

Greg is picking red elk mustard and Josh is foraging for the Horta mix. (The dog, Bella, isn’t interested!)

DSCF4555  DSCF4547

Josh is cutting red rib chicory for Bentley restaurant and the box of flowers is for Bentley too. They are Hon Sai Tai (please correct my spelling someone), which Kristina is picking.

DSCF4564   DSCF4567 

Maria is picking rocket. You can see the range of greens there is spread out across the paddock.

 DSCF4566   DSCF4568

Yoon is picking spinach and Serkan is picking salad, well protected from the next deluge!

 DSCF4569    DSCF4545

Lastly, and most importantly, are the wonderful blood oranges ripening every day, getting that wonderful glowing red! Mmmmmm.

DSCF4572  DSCF4570

Remember that Mangrove Mountain Country Markets are on this Sunday from 9.00am. The weather promises to be fine. So, if you can’t get to Taylor Square or Eveleigh in Sydney on Saturday or want a day out in the country make sure you come up to the Mountain!

Have a terrific week.