Hello Everyone

We seem to have shot into an early spring! It’s becoming rather too dry, suddenly. Longing for rain much to our surprise!

For the markets this week starting with the citrus, we have zingy blood oranges and their juice. Sevilles too. Be aware their season is short and it is now over half way so eat them fresh while you can. Navels are plentiful and have a longer season. Meyer lemons are close to the end of their season but are lovely at present.

There’s peas, broad beans (young & delicious and I love them !) and snow peas.

IMG_2225               IMG_2226


You can buy your healthy, green chard, celery, kale & baby leeks for such a variety of recipes.

There’s the normal wide range of lettuce, baby spinach and rocket which are great raw ingredients in salads & recipes. There’s Horta mix too.

No nettles as their season is over and it’s the last week for chickweed.

This week there are mushrooms at Eveleigh as well as the usual at Taylor Square.

Remember to think red as well as green and get rhubarb for the crumble and beetroot for the soul!

Happy munching!