Hi all,

back in blogosphere after last week’s glitches, (runaway dog, farmers meeting, photos refusing to load).

So above you see Maria and Claire getting stuck into the rocket; below Yoon picking baby spinach.  We have heaps of good quality of both those greens



Here’s a better picture of Claire, our new intern from France, studying Agriculture at a specialist college in Lille (northern France).

1st time in Australia and 1st time she has been on an aeroplane!  I think she’s still buzzing from the excitement of her adventure.

Her parents are dairy farmers in Normandy and she has come to learn about vegetable growing.


Don’t forget we are in prime citrus season with mandarins (see below) navels, Meyer lemons pink grapefruit and lots more to give you a good hit of vitamin C


and plenty of Greens; Cimi di Rapa an Italian delicacy (see below); tat soi, bok choi, silver beet and lots of different kales both in bunches and bags.



and did I mention the rocket? here’s Craig with a bunch ready for sending to the Saturday farmers markets, Eveleigh and Taylor Square