Hello Everyone

Hasn’t it been a hot few days? So glad we have got a couple of cooler ones now. Mozzies are out in force along with every insect that could hatch it feels. The pollinators are working overtime thank goodness on the next crops that need them.

20160721_075316   IMG_20141218_083610342   IMG_20141218_084053867

Because of the very hot weather the quantity of produce is a little down although the quality is just as good as always. Anything not up to scratch has been discarded.

There are lots of different green leafed plants for you too eat – a sure way to stay well nourished in the vitamin dept! As I understand it, green leaves, especially darker ones are incredibly good for you. Who does not want to feel energetic and well?!

Remember that dark green leafed edible ‘weeds’ are prolific because they are healthy! They’ll help you be healthy too. So why not try some Horta mix?

IMG_3432   IMG_20141023_111054808_HDR   IMG_20141106_110232081

There’s beetroot for your root vegies and some pumpkin still left. We are moving on to Valencia oranges as navel season is finishing. If you find Valencia’s a bit sharp then what about squeezing them over your fruit salad instead of eating them as is? Or mixing them up with something else, like nectarines?

Garlic is a must for it’s anti bacterial properties as well as its sumptuous flavour.

Get to Carriage Works or Taylor Square markets early on Saturday morning in Sydney for the best range from the stalls. Remember we do Peats Ridge market this Sunday at the Public School community Hall & in the grounds, Peats Ridge Road, NSW 2250.

Have an uplifting week!